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Design Brighton isn't just a festival, it's an urban revolution that you can join.

Design Brighton's ambition is to solve national and international urban challenges using the abundant and innovative local talent we have in Brighton & Hove. From tackling the UK housing crisis to coping with global urbanisation in a resource finite world, our region produces thinkers and doers with a unique approach and talent that is highly sought after across the country and beyond.

Our membership will bring together representatives from the public and private sectors to support and shape the four day festival and work together towards our 10 year vision, to be the region of choice for delivering national and international design services within the urban realm. Providing innovative design solutions for global challenges, as well as to inspire others to collaborate on unique and ambitious projects.

We are an independent sponsorship and member supported organisation. Our memberships starts from as little as £250 per year and is open to any individual or business based in the region and/or with a vested interest in driving investment into the area and influencing positive change. To enable access across all marketing budgets there are three tiers of support, Individual membership, Business Membership and Supporting Partner Membership.

We are on the edge in Brighton. On the edge of the South Downs, on the edge of the country and on the edge in our thinking. Become a Design Brighton member today to find out how you can help to showcase your unique solutions to a vast national and international community of urban professionals.

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